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Savin Hill Little League Rules


1)    All Majors and Minors teams will have 12 players per team.

2)    Games will be six innings long.  There are no extra innings.  There will be no slaughter rule in the Majors.  The Minors will have a 10 run slaughter rule after four innings.

3) Games in which a team does not have 8 officially rostered players available will result in a forfeit.  The game may still be played as an exhibition, but the final result will be a 6-0 forfeit.
4)    All roster players shall play a minimum of three (3) full innings in the field and bat at least once every game (unless game is shortened due to weather). All substitutions shall enter the game no later than the start of the fourth inning. 
5)    Minors will use a continuous batting order.  Majors will use a 10 person batting order with an extra hitter.  The extra hitter must play at least 3 innings in the field in addition to the three innings as extra hitter.  (Refer to Rule 4)
6)    All players must play at least three full games per season (OR no less than 1/4 the amount of games they attend).   A full game will be defined as when a player plays a full six innings in the field.  A game in which a player plays 3 innings as an extra hitter, and the other 3 innings in the field does NOT count as a full game.
Please be advised: Majors and Minors teams will be penalized one game at the end of the regular season per each player for which this requirement is not met.  The penalty will be reflected in the standings and affect seeding.  Furthermore, the Savin Hill Little League Board (the Board) will consider all violations, with additional penalties assessed where appropriate including but not limited to the removal of said coach.
7)    Players may re-enter a game once being removed from the line-up (only in the same slot in the batting order, and only if the player they are replacing has played 3 defensive innings and batted once).
8)    Bunting is allowed in both the Majors and the Minors.
9)    Stealing is allowed in the Majors only.  Players may leave the base when the ball crosses the plate.  Players who leave early will be called back to the base the first time.  Subsequent offenses by the same team will result in an out being called.  If the ball is batted into the field of play, runners who leave the base early will only be allowed to advance as far as the batter forces them.
10)    The Majors division will adhere to the Little League International dropped third strike rule.  
11) Coaches may use a special pinch runner once per game (Majors only), at any point, provided that minimum playing requirements are otherwise followed.  Only a player who is not currently in the lineup may be substituted as a special pinch runner.

12) Curveballs are NOT allowed during Spring season.  Knuckleballs are OK.

Pitch Count, Mandatory Rest Rules, and Special Rules Regarding the Position of Pitcher and Catcher
          a)      In accordance with Little League International rules, the table below provides the number of pitches that will be allowed per day for each age group during the regular season.

League Age

Pitches allowed per day









     b)    If a pitcher reaches a pitch-count threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to throw until the batter reaches base, is thrown out, or  the third out is made to complete the half-inning.  Pitch counts will revert to the threshold ONLY if the pitcher is removed after immediately after the current at-bat is finished.  Pitch counts are to be agreed upon by each coach in between each inning to avoid confusion or discrepancies. 
     c)     Pitchers must adhere to the following rest requirements (game days do not count as a calendar day of rest):
            i)      If a player pitches 66 or more pitches in a day, four (4) calendar days of rest must be observed.
           ii)    If a player pitches 51 - 65 pitches in a day, three (3) calendar days of rest must be observed.
          iii)   If a player pitches 36 - 50 pitches in a day, two (2) calendar days of rest must be observed.
          iv)   If a player pitches 21 - 35 pitches in a day, one (1) calendar day of rest must be observed.
           v)    If a player pitches 1-20 pitches in a day, no (0) calendar day of rest is required.
     d)    A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.  Pitchers may not re-enter the game as a pitcher once being removed from the mound.
     e)     If a catcher catches more than 3 innings in a game, then he or she is ineligible to pitch for the entire day.
     f)      Pitchers must be removed after hitting four (4) batters in one game.
     g)     Games in which an ineligible pitcher is used will result in a forfeit.
*** It is the responsibility of all coaches to acquaint themselves with the rules and follow them accordingly.  Games in which Rules 2,3,4,5,6,10,11 or 12 are not followed may be placed under protest and reviewed by the Board for action.