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What is Savin Hill Little League and what area does it serve?

SHLL is the only little league in Dorchester that is officially chartered with Little League International, and offers baseball to boys AND girls of ALL skill levels aged 4 to 15 who live in OR attend school in the zip codes of 02121, 02122, 02124, and 02125.   We are proud to have players from all across Dorchester including Savin Hill, Clam Point, Cedar Grove, Pope’s Hill, Bowdoin-Geneva, Fields Corner, Lower Mills (and every other Dorchester neighborhood in between!)  Games and practices take place at McConnell Park on Playstead Road.

Does the league have a social media presence?

Yes, you can follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/SavinHillLittleLeague, and on Twitter at @SavinHillLL

How can I register?

Players can register online by clicking here.  All players who register and pay before March 1st will receive a Savin Hill fitted digi-camo hat!!

Why is registration held so early?  

Doing your part to register your players in the winter helps us be ready for spring!   We need to know as soon as possible how many players we will have because this affects everything from division configuration to the ordering of uniforms.  Having players registered as early as possible makes the administrative decisions facing the Board that much easier.

What do the league fees go toward?

SHLL is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  League fees go toward uniform costs, equipment, umpires, insurance, website costs, charter fees, rental space at indoor facilities, advertising, among other things.  Registration fees only cover about 40% of the league’s operating expenses, with the rest coming from aggressive fundraising, merchandise sales, and sponsorships.  SHLL board members and coaches are 100% volunteer and do not get paid for their services.

I am having financial hardship and cannot afford to pay the registration fees.

Please email our Registrar / Player Agent (Pat Ryan).  SHLL does not turn anyone away due to the inability to afford the league fees.

Can I register on-line and pay by check or cash?

Yes, while we encourage electronic payment via paypal or credit card at the time of online registration, we also offer the opportunity to pay with check or cash in person at our any of our Spring Training Sessions held at the Boys and Girls Club on February 28th and March 6th.  Look for the registration table to sign your players up on those days.  Free Digi Camo Fitted hats will only be reserved for those who register AND pay by Febraury 28th.

What if I want a refund?

We offer full refunds up until the last day of tryouts.  There will be NO refund for players who quit after they are selected to a team. 

Are there fundraisers during the season?

Yes our major fundraiser is Saturday May 28th.

How can I sponsor a team?

We are happy to have new sponsors! Please email the league at savinhillbaseball@gmail.com and we will send you our sponsorship opportunities.

Am I required as a parent to volunteer?

No, we don’t require our parents to volunteer, but we sure could use your help!  Each season we need parents to help with fundraising, seeking sponsorships, running concessions tables, field maintenance etc.  If you are interested in volunteering please email us at

Who coaches the kids?
Many of our coaches played SHLL when they were younger, and are experienced coaches.  The vast majority of our coaches are aged 20 – 35 and do not have kids of heir own in the league, which makes for an environment that is “politics-free”.  All coaches complete a CORI background check each year.  If you are interested in coaching or know someone who may like to get involved please email the league at .

How do I know what "league age" my child is?
League age is determined by your son or daughters age using the Little League Baseball & Softball age charts. Age charts can be found in the Documents section of our website on the left side of the home page or by visiting the Little League Age Calculator

How are the players placed on teams?

The Senior, Majors, and Minors divisions have player drafts to determine team placement.  See the below chart for division possibilities by age:





Senior League (Teen League) ONLY

Majors ONLY


Majors ONLY


Majors OR Minors*


Majors OR Minors*


Minors ONLY


Minors OR Tee-Ball**


Tee-Ball ONLY


Tee-Ball ONLY

4                                                                           Farm League (Instructional Clinics)

* 9 and 10 year olds may be drafted by a Majors Team.  Those who are not drafted by a Majors team will be placed on a Minors team.  Generally, the majority of the league’s 10 year olds play in the Majors along with a few of the most skilled 9 year olds.   Parents who wish to make their 9 or 10 year old INELIGIBLE to be drafted by a Majors team may make this request in writing by emailing the league at . Due to the fact that we have a strict cap of 12 players per every Majors and Minors team, once players are drafted, there will be NO moving players up or down divisions.
** 7 year old are placed either in the Minors division OR Tee-ball based off of their skill evaluations at the MANDATORY March 13th Tryout.  Players who do not attend the Tryout will automatically be placed in the Tee-ball division.  Generally, about half of the league’s 7 year olds play in the Minors and half play Tee-ball.  Parents who wish to have their 7 year old remain in Tee-ball should make this request in writing by emailing the league at by March 12th.  Once players are drafted, there will be NO moving players up or down divisions.

Where can I find more details on what to expect within each division of play?

Details for each division can be found in the “Spring Divisions” tab on the left side of the home page.

Can I request that my child be placed on a specific team?

We honor such requests for tee-ball, however do not allow this for the Minors, Majors, and Teens.  Teams for those divisions are picked according to very strict guidelines to ensure evenly balanced and competitive play for all teams.  

I have more than one child, can they be placed on the same team?

IF the siblings are in the same division, they will be placed on the same team.

Can I request that my player be placed on a different team than the one they were placed on?

It is highly unlikely that we will honor these types of requests because they threaten to undermine the league’s ability to provide teams that are balanced. If there are extenuating circumstances for such a request, you may request it in writing via email to the league, and the BOD will vote on it, however we find that most cases can be resolved without having to resort to a team-switch.

I would like my child to play in a higher division than the one he was picked for. Can I make this request?

Because we have a strict cap of exactly 12 players per team, once the rosters have been determined, there will be NO movement of players across divisions because this would cause an imbalance among the teams.

Why is there a waitlist?  Can’t you just add players to a team whenever you want?

SHLL is committed to providing balanced rosters of exactly 12 players per team in the Minors and Majors divisions.  Teams with any more than 12 players become detrimental to both player development and playing time, as well as coaches’ ability to provide meaningful instruction.  As such, any player aged 7 to 12 who signs up AFTER March 12th and/or does not attend any of the tryouts will be placed on a wait list, and will be placed on a team if and when a spot is available due to a player leaving his team or becoming injured for the season.  There will be no wait list for tee ball.

When are tryouts?  Why are there tryouts?

Tryouts are on March 13 and 20th @ Marina Bay Sports Complex.  More information on when players of certain ages will try out can be found on the homepage and will be emailed to you. All players MUST attend the tryout, and have their balance paid in full in order to be placed on a team.   While EVERY player who attends tryouts will be placed on a team, tryouts allow coaches to evaluate player talent and skill-level, which in turn helps to ensure each player is placed in an appropriate division and that teams are evenly balanced.

My child is returning to the same division and team, do they need to attend tryouts?

YES! Tryouts are MANDATORY for all players aged 7 and up.  5-6 year olds do not need to attend a tryout.

What are the spring training sessions?

Spring Training sessions are held at the Boys and Girls Club February 28th and March 6th.  See the homepage for the times according to age.  While not mandatory, ALL players are strongly encouraged to come.  Players will receive age-appropriate instruction in the fundamentals at these sessions.  For players who are just starting out, this instruction is a great base to build on.  For older players, in addition to helping players shake off the rust and get back into the swing of things, Spring Training allows coaches to become familiar with and informally assess the skill-level of players.

Within each division, does my child stay on the same team each year?
Yes, almost all kids stay on the same team until they graduate to the next division.  We do this to ensure continuity of coaching as well as the bonds that players form with their teammates over multiple seasons.  The only exceptions occur in years when we need to expand or contract the number of teams in a division due yearly fluctuations in the number of players of a certain age.  In those years a small number of players (usually 5 to 10) will have to be placed on a new team on account of the expansion or contraction so that a competitive balance is retained, and so that any new teams will not be comprised solely of rookies.

When does the season start?

Parents/Players are notified by coaches after teams are formed, typically in late March or early April.  Opening Day is Saturday April 23rd.  Coaches typically have several practices starting in early April.

When does the season end?

Our league year is divided into three seasons. The Spring Season runs from April to mid June. The Summer season runs from mid June through early August. The Fall season starts in early September and runs through October.

What is the Summer Travel Season?

After the Spring season, players may sign up and tryout for our Summer All-Star Travel teams.  SHLL is the only league in Dorchester to compete in the Little League World Series Tournament along with 8,000 teams across the world.  SHLL is also the only league in Dorchester to submit teams into the “A” level in the Suburban Youth Baseball League, Bay State League and play various Invitational tournaments. Even though these teams are “All Star” “travel teams”, if the numbers make it possible, we work hard to let every kid who wants to play in the summer play with us.   For details regarding Summer baseball opportunities you may click on the “Summer All-Stars”, “Summer Team Selection” and “Summer All-Stars History” in the left-hand tabs on the homepage.

Where can I find the league’s rules?

All league rules can be found in the left tab “League Rules”

What does a typical schedule look like for my child’s age group?
Typically, each team plays 2 to 3 games per week, (once on Saturday morning/afternoon, and then once or twice per week Monday through Friday).  Coaches try to schedule about one practice per week as well.

What equipment do I need to have for Little league?
SHLL provides a uniform to all players that consists of a jersey, hat, baseball pants, belt, and socks (tee ball does not get socks).  Players must have their own glove and rubber cleats (metal cleats are allowed for players 13+ only).  Each team will provide bats and helmets, however many players do buy their own bats.  Protective cups must be worn by all catchers.